Dr. Jerry Teplitz

Muscle Checking
on Kate Linder
(Star of "The Young
& The Restless")
Do you want to live LONGER and be HEALTHIER?
Do you want to accomplish MORE every day?
Do you want to kick stress out of YOUR life?
Do you want to have more POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS with the people in your life?
Do you run out of energy before the day is over?
Do you have negative days at work or at home?
Does stress cause you anxiety, headaches, insomnia or illness?
Energy Can Be Controlled. 
Are you in charge?

 Energy zappers are all around you.
The Switched-On Living� Learning System gives you easy ways to energize all day long so you can accomplish everything you want and need to do - at work and at home.
Kate Linder
(star of "The Young & the Restless")
performing Muscle Checking on
"Sabre" Red Williams
(from The American Gladiators)

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If you answered YES to any of the questions above, it's time for you to take charge with this program that combines proven techniques to optimize the body/mind connection and energize your life. The Switched-On Living� Total Energy Learning System  teaches many innovative techniques for achieving peak performance and optimum well-being.

Dear Visitor:  

If you're like most people with busy lives... kids, school, work, errands, responsibilities, and an endless list of "TO DO"s coming at you from all directions, you know what it's like to feel as if you'll never get caught up with it all. Before you can get one task accomplished, it seems there are 5 more to take it's place. Stress levels are at an all-time high, relationships are strained more than ever, and our health and well-being is being adversely affected by the 'energy zappers' in our environment... and within ourselves.

Sometimes everything can get so overwhelming we want to just "shut down" and do none of it, as if trying to make even a dent in our busy schedule is futile because it all keeps piling up until we start to feel literally buried beneath the weight of everything there is to do.


But believe it or not, you ABSOLUTELY CAN accomplish everything, have better health and well-being, and enjoy closer relationships in your life -- without stress, and with time and energy to spare. I'm sure you've seen those people who seem to do it all... those same people who never appear to get overwhelmed no matter how much is piled onto them, and who manage everything almost effortlessly. It is true that here is only so much time in a day... but you'd be astounded to find out just how much more can be conquered in the same amount of time you've always had, and how much more easily it can be done.

There's really no secret to doing it all... it's all about your energy levels. Seems surprisingly simple, doesn't it?  Well it is!  Instead of trying harder, with less energy, doesn't it make sense to have more energy, work with greater ease and less stress, and actually have time left over to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

  "The Switched-On Living program can help you and anyone you care about live up to your full energy potential and become a peak performer in every area of your life.

Up until now, this information has only been available to psychologists and corporate consultants and people who have been lucky enough to experience Jerry's corporate trainings. What's great now is that anybody can have this information... and this stuff works!"  

- Jack Canfield, Co-author,
Chicken Soup for the Soul


This is why I've developed the Switched-On Living� Total Personal Energy Program. I know what it's like to scramble around trying to cross off a seemingly endless list of "TO DO" items, with a constant feeling of spinning wheels and getting nowhere fast.  Not only is this a less productive way to get through the day, but it is also quite stressful, which isn't good for anyone.

This program is not about tips and tricks for organizing your time more wisely, or keeping up with a tight schedule... that information can be found most anywhere. These techniques are instead designed to help you maintain the energy levels you need in order to take on life without getting run down and feeling overwhelmed by it all. Some people believe that attitude is everything when it comes to accomplishing things in life.  This is partly true, but without the energy to back it up, attitude is nothing more than good intentions.

Switched-On Living� will teach you powerful yet practical techniques you can start using in your life right now - for immediate and dramatic results - every day!

For more information, watch the online video

Here are just a few benefits of this program:
  • Accomplish MUCH More Every Day
    With fewer illnesses and the ability to function on less sleep, you will be amazed to find that there seem to be more hours in the day - when in fact you're simply accomplishing more, in less time, and with less stress.

  • Significantly Reduced Stress Levels
    Once you learn the proven techniques to help reduce your tension, you will experience a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and increased overall health and well-being, all of which contribute to success and prosperity in every area of your life.

  • Better Relationships
    The people you care about most are often the ones most affected by your low energy levels and stress.  Once you learn the techniques to manage your energies, reduce your stress and live a happier and healthier life, you will notice amazing improvement in your interactions with others, and find yourself noticeably closer to those you love.

  • Stay Younger, Longer
    With this program, you will learn techniques that will help you to stay healthy and enjoy a longer, more vital life. When you're Switched-On, you feel better, work better, and live better.

  • Convenient
    A complete Seminar on DVD - You get the same benefits of my full program, but you won't have to leave your office or living room.

  • Affordable
    Techniques that help you enjoy and maintain your health and well-being without the cost of a Doctor visit.

  • Proof Positive
    Once you have this program, you don't have to wonder if it's "working"... you can check for yourself right away, and see the immediate effects of these methods.

Three Reasons I am Qualified to Help You:

Not only am I an attorney, I also hold Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Wholistic Health Sciences, and I have been the President of my own consulting firm since 1974.
My programs in the areas of stress management, productivity, and personal/professional development have been taught to over 1 million people at colleges, universities, major corporations and Fortune 500 Companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Holiday Inns, IBM and Century 21.
As an author of many books, including Managing Your Stress: How To Relax and Enjoy, Switched-On Living and Brain Gym for Business, I don't have the time to focus on anything I don't thoroughly believe in. I know the extraordinary benefits of this program - or I wouldn't be sharing it with you.

Don't take my word for it.
Here's what participants say about the power of these presentations:

"I find that muscle-checking, which I learned from Jerry, is a really valuable tool in many areas of my life. I use it in my personal life to help me make decisions, I use it in my business life to find out if a book cover works, to find out if the content of a books works, and we now muscle-test every Chicken Soup bookcover we do, and if it doesn't work, we go back and re-work it."
  - Jack Canfield, Co-author,
Chicken Soup for the Soul

"I'm very happy that Jerry Teplitz is bringing the value of muscle-checking to the public's awareness, and demonstrating it's various applications, which are invaluable in everyday life as well as in scientific research."
  - Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD, Author,
Power vs. Force

"Switched-On Living will help you to get incredible results - right now. To change your life - right now, and to empower your future - right now, and to go from where you are to where you want to be - right now."
  – Willie Jolley, Author,
It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life

"I'm a neurophysiologist and I've been using and studying mountain muscle checking for a long time - 11 years - and it's a profound tool."
  – Carla Hannaford, PhD, Author,
Smart Moves

"I'm a skeptic but absolutely came out a believer."
  - Sandra Rodriguez, Membership Coordinator
ABC Los Angeles/Ventura Chapter

"I would not have believed it unless I was there."
  - Jay Edwards, Senior Project Manager
Cuyler Associates

"Wow…it’s mind-blowing, simple and so effective."
  - Meagan Maynard, Marketing Teacher
Warwick High, Newport News, VA

"I wouldn't have believed this if I hadn’t experience it myself."
  - Hudson Wade, FVP
First American Bank, Watkinsville, GA

"Jerry’s program is amazing. It will blow your mind, while energizing it as well."
  - Faye P. Warren,
Deputy Treasurer,  Surry County, Surry, VA

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to read more comments from Switched-On program participants

What Exactly is Switching-On?

We produce within our bodies 25 millivolts of electricity - this has been measured by scientists. Now, we know that this energy system is impacted by everything around us... including ourselves. The Switched-On Total Energy Program is designed to allow you to achieve the highest energy levels possible for effectiveness and success. When you're Switched-On, you'll accomplish more every day.  You will experience a dramatic reduction in stress levels, and will notice a great deal of improvement in your relationships with others.

For more information, watch Switching-On

The Switched-On Living� Total Energy Program includes:
  • Two DVDs, (The complete Switched-On Living seminar)
  • Four CDs, (Switched-On Living audio series)
  • A Step-by-Step Switched-On Living Guide Book

Switched-On Living� -- A complete Seminar on DVD

DVD 1: Muscle Checking: What it is & How it works. For years scientists have known that all living things are surrounded by fields of electro-magnetic energy. This first Switched-On Living video will teach you to perform a very simple "muscle checking" test that will enable you to observe how this energy plays a role in your life every day. Also, you will learn the theory as to how it works.

DVD 2 - Muscle Checking: Enhancing Your Personal Energy. Using this test, you will be able to identify and eliminate those unsuspected energy zappers that are all around you. You will also learn how to easily reduce stress, become alert and energized in an instant, and perform at your optimum in any situation.

Exclusive AudioCD Series

CD 1: The Energy Switch
Dr. Teplitz will guide you through two highly effective techniques for energizing through meditation. Research shows that people who meditate experience fewer illnesses, headaches, and sleep problems; have better concentration, learning abilities, and reaction times; and find it easier to deal with life's problems. Regular meditators also experience increased energy and stamina and are often able to reduce the number of hours they need to sleep.

CD 2: The Relaxation Switch
Learn how to strengthen your immune system through deep relaxation. The ability to totally let go of tension -- which does not mean just sitting back and watching TV -- has been shown to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and increase overall health and well-being. Here Dr. Teplitz offers you a choice of five deep relaxation methods, including ones you can do while driving or waiting on line. Three of these are special breathing techniques that give you the added benefit of bringing youth-preserving oxygen to all the cells of your body.

CDs 3 & 4: Staying Younger Longer
Many experts say that 75% of all illnesses come from stress. Here Dr. Teplitz explores the concept that there is no such thing as an 'age-related illness.' You will find out about important studies that will help you live and stay vital longer. You will also learn: how an often overlooked factor of body chemistry can help you stay healthy; how to incorporate enjoyable everyday activities into your exercise program; and how to use foods and supplements to strengthen bones, fight tumors, replace estrogen naturally, and help prevent cancer and other diseases.

The Guide Book to Switched-On Living:

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to use music, color, food, thoughts, lighting, and more to switch on your life in all areas. You'll discover techniques developed by a medical doctor for controlling your body's energy. You'll also experience easy brain-boosting exercises from the world-famous Brain Gym� system and even learn how to stay awake while reading a difficult textbook or boring report.

You get MUCH MORE than your money's worth!

Until now, I have only offered my Switched-On Living seminars to corporate clients who pay many thousands of dollars to have me present this material to them. Unless you wanted to pay that much money, there is no way you could experience this life-changing information... until now. I have decided that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the power of these materials, so I've created this special package just for you.  As Jack Canfield said earlier: "this stuff works!".

If you check my web site at Teplitz.com, you'll see that I sell the Switched-On Living CD audio series for $95.00, and the guide book for $15, for a total of $100 if purchased separately, without the seminar on DVD.  But If you order here, you will receive the Switched-On Living 4 CD Audio Series, Guide Book, AND the complete Seminar on DVD - a minimum of $575.00 in Value that we normally sell for $300.00 - all for the special internet-only price of $250.00.

Remember - until now you couldn't even buy this seminar... it was only available to companies who paid $5,000-$7,000 just to have it presented in person. You won't find this much value for this price - anywhere!                        

Start NOW and Receive a Special FREE Bonus

Switched-On Lighting DVD
Do you suffer from eye strain? Headaches? Inability to concentrate? Depression? Do you feel run-down in the afternoon? Is stress getting to you? Maybe the problem isn't your job, it could be the lights over your desk or work place. Find out how to bring a revitalizing dose of sunshine into your home and work environments, which means the answer may be as simple as changing a light bulb! You'll receive a FREE DVD that shows you what to do to change the situation.   Read about Energy Lighting here...


Order today and you will also receive the following FREE bonus items:

  • Wall Chart: "The Seven Energy Enhancers" - Keep the seven ways to raise your energy right in front of you.
  • Wall Chart: "Switching On Your Day" - This chart shows you how to apply the Switched-On Living techniques every day of your life.
  • Wallet Card: "Quick Reminder Card" - Never be without your reminder card which contains all the techniques in one location so you can easily apply them every day.

And included in your order: Valuable Money-Saving Coupons.

All of this is included in the one low price for the Switched-On Living Total Energy Program!

with my
100%, Ironclad, no-risk
Moneyback Guarantee!

The Switched-On Living� Total Energy Program comes with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, simply return the package within 90 days, and I'll refund 100% of your money - You risk nothing!


U.S. & Canada:

To your success,

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, JD, Ph.D.

Keep in mind what Jack Canfield said... "this stuff WORKS!"
No-risk 90-day money-back-guarantee.

PS: You don't have to leave your office or living room to experience the benefits of my complete seminar, (for which I'm paid thousands of dollars to present)... take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity today!



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