Who Uses Switched-On LIVING Products?

"You won’t believe it until you see it."
  - Myke Rost, Examiner
FDIC, Morrovia, CA

"Jerry gave me some techniques to increase my strength for a pentathlon at school. I used them, and I was able to win the Greco Roman wrestling. And 3 of my opponents were guys!."
  - Callie Blake, Woodland Hills, CA

"We were still talking about what we had learned at the end of the program ... three days after your presentation."
  - T Robert E. Couglin, Vice President
National Accounts, GlaxoSmithKline

"I was skeptical of the techniques at first but….seeing is believing."
  - Deborah Carper, Marketing Teacher
Sherando High School, Stephens City, VA

"If you want to improve your outlook on life you need to get in touch with Jerry."
  - Barbara Salis, Meetings Manager
Florida League of Cities, Tallahassee, FL

"Initially, when I was first introduced to Jerry's techniques, it was more for business because I had difficulties with some negative thoughts I had, which a lot of businesspeople do have. So about 2 months before I brought home the Switched-On Living Program, I'd seen the movie "101 Dalmations" with my daughter, and for 2 months she had nightmares about Cruella DeVille. We just couldn't get rid of the bad dreams no matter what techniques we tried.

So when I came home from Jerry's seminar, I decided to try one of his simple techniques with my daughter, and that night I told her how to do one of the techniques, and the next morning, she told me she'd had the bad dreams again, but then she tried the technique I showed her, and she was able to go back to sleep with no nightmares - for the first time in 2 months. Amazing!"

  - Serge Gravell, President/CEO
DePan Media - Ottowa, Ontario, CA

"I think muscle-checking is a very valid technique, because I've been using it for about ten years in my medical practice, and I'm glad that Jerry is sharing it with so many people."
  - Cheryl Harter, MD

"In Jerry's Switched-On Living course he cuts through all the theory and produces immediate results for you."
  - Maggie Bedorsian - Author,
Speak Like A Pro

"I've been using Jerry Teplitz'Switched-On Living materials for over 15 years now. I've found it to make THE difference in performance enhancement."
  - Virgil Beasley, PhD

"I have been studying and teaching in health for 17 years, and it's always been my desire to give people tools that they can use that will give them a greater degree of control in their own lives. People are tired of going off to a professional to find out what to do in a language they don't understand and then just taking a drug. What Jerry does is give people tools that they can use to understand not only what they should be doing, but why they're doing it. This gives a lot of control to people that they want. He gives us tools, rather than rules, and they work."
  - Harvey Diamond, Author,
Fit For Life and You Can Prevent Breast Cancer

"Excellent program. He made a believer out of me!"
  - Theresa Vineyard, Executive Director Finance
St, Mary's Health Care System

"I'm a skeptic but absolutely came out a believer."
  - Sandra Rodriguez, Membership Coordinator
ABC Los Angeles/Ventura Chapter

"I saw Jerry's program 8-10 years ago and I'm still amazed at the way his teachings worked then and now."
  - Elda Marshall
HBA of Greater Cincinnati

"Incredibly positive, simple, practical information and tips."
  - Steve Jewell, Executive Director
Kendal at Lexington - Lexington, VA

"My stress level reduced immediately after using the techniques taught at the session."
  - Brad Havran

"Wow! You absolutely will not believe this, but it works!"
  - Sid Anderson
Ming Tree GMAC

"Jerry provides information that you can use to make an immediate impact on how you work with and impact others and improve your own energy level."
  - Michael Harley
PeopleTech, Inc. - Nashville, TN

"It was a masterful presentation. That standing ovation you received was well deserved. We have high standards for our presenters and you exceeded them with a combination of material we had never seen before, high levels of audience participation, strong scientific evidence and support, and excellent take-away value."
  - Bob Treadway, Director of Programs
National Speakers Association of Northern California

"It’s amazing to see how our daily routine can be improved by simple techniques."
  - Horatio Barren
The SSI Group

"This program will positively change your career success and your life for the rest of your life."
  - Paul Roche III
Signature GMAC Real Estate

"A very understandable presentation that you can put into practice immediately to make better personnel choices."
  - Greg Beeman
ABC MA Chapter

"Interesting and provocative - applicable across almost every facet of my organization."
  - Jesse Livesay
Dayton Area Board of Realtors

"This presentation was absolutely the best one I have ever seen."
  - Don Hurwitz
Chesapeake Public Schools, Chesapeake, VA

"This is the most life-changing seminar I've been to in a long time."
  - Sue Rodi
Baines Real Estate, Inc GMAC

"Everyone should participate in this program."
  - Robert Packard, Examiner

"Simplifies our own abilities to create success."
  - David Gum
National Fruit Product Co., Inc. - Winchester, VA

"Our attendees were truly blown away by your techniques. They moved from skepticism to belief, as they participated in your exercises and experienced the results for themselves. They found your information to be impactful and actionable. These days that is what they are looking for--things they can do or things they can change to directly and immediately improve their bottom line or their life. Your presentation delivered over and over again. They wanted more than 75 minutes."
  - Sue Cantwell
Director Education & Organizational Development
Grocery Manufacturers of America

"I honestly think this seminar will change the way I live my life. I can't wait to share Jerry's teachings with everyone I know."
  - Jaclyn Fredericks, Executive Assistant
ABC – Indianapolis Chapter

"I've been married for 25 years, and my wife and I decided to go into business together, and after using one of Jerry's techniques, it helped her to understand why I do things the way that I do."
  - Byron Chappell, Regional Manager
Income Builders, Intl. - Orem, UT

"Everyone in all areas of life should experience this."
  - Yolanda Prince
The SSI Group


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