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Switched-On Living®

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About Our Featured Offer As Seen On TV

Developed by Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz, a leading corporate consultant and speaker, the Switched-On Living® program teaches many innovative techniques for achieving peak performance and optimum well-being.

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The Switched-On Living® Total Personal Energy Package includes the complete Seminar on 2 DVD's, four Audio CDs, a step-by-step guidebook, two wall charts, a wallet size "Quick Reminder Card"
and a free video on lighting and its importance.

Here is a complete description of the items:

Switched-On Living® -- A complete Seminar on DVD
DVD 1 -
Muscle Checking: What it is & How it works.
  For years scientists have known that all living things are surrounded by fields of electro-magnetic energy. This first Switched-On Living video will teach you to perform a very simple "muscle checking" test that will enable you to observe how this energy plays a role in your life every day. Also, you will learn the theory as to how it works.
DVD 2 - Muscle Checking: Enhancing Your Personal Energy. Using this test, you will be able to identify and eliminate those unsuspected energy zappers that are all around you. You will also learn how to easily reduce stress, become alert and energized in an instant, and perform at your optimum in any situation.

Companies have paid thousands of dollars to have Dr. Jerry Teplitz present his seminars. Now you can experience his Switched-On Living® seminar on video as part of this total package.

Kate Linder muscle testing Sabre
Kate Linder (star of "The Young & the Restless")
performing Muscle Checking
on "Sabre" Red Williams (from The American Gladiators)

The Guide Book to Switched-On Living®
In this step-by-step guide
you will learn how to use music, color, food, thoughts, lighting, and more to switch on your life in all areas. You'll discover techniques developed by a medical doctor for controlling your body's energy. You'll also experience easy brain-boosting exercises from the world-famous Brain Gym® system and even learn how to stay awake while reading a difficult textbook or boring report.

Exclusive AudioCD Series

Created just for this package, this 4-CD series includes:


CD 1
The Energy Switch

Dr. Teplitz will guide you through two highly effective techniques for energizing through meditation. Research shows that people who meditate experience fewer illnesses, headaches, and sleep problems; have better concentration, learning abilities, and reaction times; and find it easier to deal with life's problems. Regular meditators also experience increased energy and stamina and are often able to reduce the number of hours they need to sleep.

CD 2
The Relaxation Switch

Learn how to strengthen your immune system through deep relaxation. The ability to totally let go of tension -- which does not mean just sitting back and watching TV --  has been shown to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and increase overall health and well-being. Here Dr. Teplitz offers you a choice of five deep relaxation methods, including ones you can do while driving or waiting on line. Three of these are special breathing techniques that give you the added benefit of bringing youth-preserving oxygen to all the cells of your body.

CDs 3 & 4
Staying Younger Longer

Many experts say that 75% of all illnesses come from stress. Here Dr. Teplitz explores the concept that there is no such thing as an 'age-related illness.' You will find out about important studies that will help you live and stay vital longer. You will also learn: how an often overlooked factor of body chemistry can help you stay healthy; how to incorporate enjoyable everyday activities into your exercise program; and how to use foods and supplements to strengthen bones, fight tumors, replace estrogen naturally, and help prevent cancer and other diseases.

      Jack Canfield "We test all of our book covers using
Jerry Teplitz's techniques!"

Jack Canfield
Co-author - Chicken Soup for the Soul

Also Included  -- FREE BONUS GIFT
Switched-On Lighting DVD
Do you suffer from eye strain? Headaches? Inability to concentrate? Depression? Do you feel run-down in the afternoon? Is stress getting to you? Maybe the problem isn't your job. Find out how to bring a revitalizing dose of sunshine into your home and work environments. The answer may be as simple as changing a light bulb! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


  1. Wall Chart: "The Seven Energy Enhancers" - Keep the seven ways to raise your energy right in front of you.

  2. Wall Chart: "Switching On Your Day" - This chart shows you how to apply the Switched-On Living techniques every day of your life.

  3. Wallet Card: "Quick Reminder Card" - Never be without your reminder card which shows you what to do every day.

Plus -- Valuable Money-Saving Coupons and
                                 A TEST THAT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE

Guarantee   - The Switched-On Living program® comes with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee and the whole $575 value, that we normally sell for $300 can be yours for the special internet-only price here of $250!

Plus - Also, when you order you are entitled to special offers. Click here to order & for more information.

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